The Masters of Baroque

As from the 17th Century, the House of Savoy’s determined efforts to build monuments to its power in the city, while at the same time promoting functional and strategic urban planning, gave Turin a very recognisable identity.
The task of turning this vision of the Duchy’s capital city into reality was entrusted to high-calibre artists and architects, who left their mark on Turin with works of immense value, which not only include palaces and residences, but also churches, basilicas, chapels, streets and squares.
The churches in the historic centre, in fact, reflect the magnificence of the Baroque style in all its glory, with their wealth of gold, multi-coloured marble, paintings and frescoes.

We have selected some of the most significant artists and architects who left their mark on the historic centre’s churches in the Baroque period.
Find out which churches each of these “Maestri” worked on and learn more about the long succession other historical figures who built churches and produced the artworks that adorn them.